Jumping with open arms

Jumping into the Fray

Well, I am now in my second week back into the fray, to say it has been a shock to the system is an understatement. Having not worked for three-plus months, going back to work full time, albeit working from home, has been a difficult adjustment. Since going back, finding time to write a blog has been difficult, but I have finally found some time.

The biggest challenge in going back is finding an office space in the house to work, where you don’t get bombarded by children or dogs. With my wife working four days a week, due to the nature of her work, she is using the desk, which means relegation to other areas of the house, including my son’s bedroom. Technology has come to the rescue in some cases, as I have been able to hide my location on Microsoft Teams and not needed to show people that I am sitting in a teepee.

As a massive advocate of remote working for many years, it is fantastic to see how quickly workforces have adapted to working remotely with some industry analysts stating that COVID-19 has forced five years of digital transformation in just over three months. For the tech sector, this is presenting challenges which it has never had previously, demand for adoption.

The question I have thought about recently, primarily around Microsoft Teams, are organisations adopting the technology correctly? With Microsoft Teams being more than just a meeting tool, I wonder how many organisations have gone down the route of creating teams, collaborating on documents and utilising the toolsets which are provided throughout the Microsoft 365 suite.

Recently there has been some major announcements around Microsoft Teams, some of these have bypassed me while on furlough. The majority of these announcements tend to be around the meeting delivery aspects, with Together Mode being the most significant change. The announcement today from Microsoft Inspire, regarding the launch of Adoption.microsoft.com and the expansion of the worldwide Champions Program will no doubt help organisations start planning the wider adoption of Microsoft 365.

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