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Microsoft Ignite 2020 – The Digital Edition

As with many others, I was hoping to be getting over to New Orleans this year for Microsoft Ignite, their number one event for technology leaders and practitioners, but with the impact of COVID-19 on the world, Microsoft has turned this year into a Digital Event.

Be sure to get your Remote Access Pass

Having attended Microsoft Ignite a couple of years ago in Orlando, Florida, I was amazed at the vastness of the event, not just in the conference centre but across Orlando. Being able to dive into five full days of tech-related stuff was one of the most incredible experiences of my work career to date.

So this year is going to be a bit different, gone is the epic breakfasts with multiple types of bacon, the big attendee event (No Universal Studios this year) and the other sub-events, such as parties and partner events. All of which enabled me to meet some fantastic like-minded people from across the globe. I will miss that the most about the Digital Event, the sense of community and communication.

I know Microsoft is trying to set some elements up. Still, with different time zones and other challenges, such as how I am going to fit this around my job, it will just not be the same as having pancakes and bacon, whilst talking about the adoption of Teams with a random MVP.

Now I haven’t had much chance to look at the session catalog in-depth, but it just feels very light compared to previous years, and I know this is down to the event being a pure digital event. The main events seem to be Ask the Expert events, which will be useful for most. There are other areas of the event which I am looking forward to and hope to try and build out my session backpack tonight to ensure I get a good coverage. The Microsoft Ignite Live events look like they will be good, especially anything with the fantastic Mark Russinovich or Alex Simons.


The other main area of Microsoft Ignite I will miss is the SWAG… now it’s not going to be the same without gathering Microsoft branded items such as T-shirts, Rucksacks, Wireless Phone Chargers and Socks. Although Microsoft has launched some Digital Swag for all of us, which can be found here. In this selection of goodies are Wallpapers and Teams backgrounds, so you can now aim to do your own Microsoft Ignite webcast.

Digital Cloud Skills Challenge

As with other events which have been held by Microsoft digitally, there will also be the Digital Cloud Skills Challenge. The Skills Challenge gives an ideal opportunity to claim a free Microsoft Exam Voucher, as well as the chance to win prizes. Utilising the ever-growing catalog of courses available through Microsoft Learn, you have the ability to take part in up to 6 subject-specific Skill challenges. More details and registration to the Skills Challenge can be found here.

One to One Consultation

An element which I used at the Microsoft Ignite in Florida two years ago was the booths, where you could talk to Microsoft Engineers or Microsoft Most Valuable Professional’s about certain specific questions related to challenges which you were facing. Obviously this year being able to do this in person is impossible, however there is the option to schedule a 45 minute personalised consultation with a Microsoft Engineer. Topics available to discuss are split as follows:

  • Azure
    • Containers / AKS
    • Data and AI
    • Government Secret
    • Data Modernisation
    • Datacentre Migration
    • DevOps
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Platform as a Service/Serverless
    • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Client Development
    • Cross Platform Development
    • Web Development
    • Windows Desktop App Development
  • IoT
    • Azure Security Center for IoT
    • Azure Sphere
    • Device Provisioning Service
    • Digital Twins
    • IoT Central
    • IoT Edge
    • IoT Hub
    • IoT Plug and Play
    • Time Series Insights
  • Marketplace
    • Assistance Publishing an Offer (Business)
    • Assistance Publishing an Offer (Technical)
    • Find Partner Solutions for my Business or Agency
  • Microsoft 365
    • App Compatibility with App Assure
    • Compliance
    • Data Migration to Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft 365 Apps, Windows 10 and Cloud Management
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Security
  • Power Platform
    • Admin
    • Power Apps
    • Power Automate
    • Power Virtual Agents (PVA)
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

To book your session click here, but I suspect these will be booked up quickly

All the Details

Microsoft Ignite takes place September 22-24, 2020 and is set over all the time zones, so there will be something whether you are based in the UK/Europe or America. Registration to the event is Free and all the details and news can be found here.


I will be covering the event in as much detail as I can, whilst trying to balance a new job but I have set up a special page for Microsoft Ignite, so there will be a single page here to follow for stories and knowledge gained throughout the event.

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